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Carpet Cleaning services in Adelaide offer different options, are any of these options right for you?

 Steam carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, shampoo. Please find below more detail about these options.


Probably one of the most popular carpet cleaning services requested by real estate agencies, tenants, landlords and the general public in Adelaide (Also, known as Hot water extraction carpet cleaning).




White Steam professional steam carpet cleaning services uses high-pressure and hot water removing and dissolving dirt in highly soiled carpets. Once hot water has been applied a powerful double vacuum will extract all the water and residuals leaving your carpets moist for a little while. White Steam uses the latest carpet cleaning technology to ensure your carpets will be dry in record time.


This is another carpet cleaning option considered by a number of customers in adelaide during the winter and/or wet season. Our professional team of carpet cleaners in adelaide will perform an on the surface cleaning (as opposed to the high-pressure steam carpet cleaning service) with a rotating machine agitating the carpet and removing soils and dirt. Our commercial clients occasionally prefer this option, for instance hotels or reception areas will need to have their carpets cleaned (and dry) quickly ready for visitors and guests.

Something to keep in mind is that the steam carpet cleaning service will normally last for longer, because of the deep end characteristic of this kind of service as opposed to the dry carpet cleaning, where carpets are mainly cleaned on the surface.



The shampooing method used to be very popular in the old days, however, it seemed to leave carpets with too much moisture and carpets will take a very long time to dry. Rinsing was not included in this kind of carpet cleaning service and therefore once carpets were dry it was very likely for carpets to get dirty again (and very quickly!). As opposed to our professional steam carpet cleaning service in Adelaide, high-pressure water is applied to the carpets and at the same time is extracted out of the carpets.